I’m a Growing Girl

This post is about boobs. Big boobs. My big boobs. Yes, I have those now. Somehow. With the morning sickness and heartburn and other glamorous stuff I’ve been experiencing for the last few months I’ve also noticed my t-shirts getting tighter. Well, that was to be expected. That was one of the pregnancy symptoms I actually knew about prior to getting pregnant. They’ve been sore and itchy and I knew that something was going on, I just didn’t realize just how much things have been changing.

I’ve needed to get new bras for a while but I’ve been putting it off because they’re not my favourite thing to shop for. I never seem to get the right size or fit and it’s very rare that I find a bra that I like. Because of this it’s gotten to the point where every bra I had is super tight and barely holding everything in place. I basically didn’t have a choice so we hopped in the car and drove to Square One for an afternoon of shopping.

I decided to go to La Senza because I had a coupon for $10 off and I can’t say no to a good deal. (I got it because my first attempt at shopping for new bras turned into shopping for new underwear because unlike bra shopping I LOVE shopping for new underwear! So fun!) Kev came along for moral support and because he’s a nice husband like that.

The moment we got there we were approached by a helpful employee. I told her that I’m pregnant and need to get new bras and a minute later I was back in a changing room getting properly measured which is something else I’ve put off for way too long.

So I know that I’ve gotten a bit bigger over the past few weeks. I was expecting her to tell me that I had gone up a cup size. Maybe two. I was not however expecting her to tell me that I’ve gone up three cup sizes in fifteen weeks. But that’s what she did.

“So I’d put you in a 32 DD,” she said like it ain’t no thang.

I stared at her and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” My entire life I’ve been a 32 B. 32 DD just sounds so much bigger! I looked down at my chest. These girls did not look like DD sized boobs to me and I told the girl so.

But she insisted that DD is my new size and brought in a box of these massive bras. After showing me a few different styles she left me to try one on.

This is the crazy part. I picked up one of those massive bras, put it on…and it fit perfectly. It’s amazing how good a properly fitting bra feels when your girls have been all squished up in a bra that’s three sizes too small. I spent some time checking myself out in the mirror, completely stunned that the bra I picked up actually fit and yes, the tag did say 32 DD. I know because I checked it twice. Unreal.

I slowly came to terms with the idea that my breasts are now way larger than I ever thought they could possibly become, made my way out into the store, and found Kev to tell him the big news.

To which he said, “That can’t be right.”

And I said, “If the bra fits!” Which is does. Very nicely, I might add.

So he helped me find a few bras in my new, much larger size which I got an amazing deal on because their bras are currently buy one get one half off on top of my $10 off coupon.  Who doesn’t love a good deal? As we were leaving the store I was still in a bit of shock. I am only fifteen weeks pregnant. How much bigger are these things going to get before the baby comes?

I find the idea a little scary but Kev doesn’t seem all that concerned. On the contrary, he seems to be quite pleased about it all. Can you believe it?